Luxury Wishlist

Luxury Wishlist

Luxury Wishlist by anniechristie featuring a burberry coat

I think the title speaks for itself here. Let’s just say…”I wanna be a billionaire so f***in’ bad”! I have always wanted a Burberry trench coat because not only are they really well-made, but they’re fashionable in a SIMPLE way, which is what I like in a coat. This particular coat, called the Ashington Trench, is only…er…$1,648 dollars. That’s all! Ha, that’s why this is the LUXURY wish list. Two key words: Luxury and wish. I also really like Versace bags because I allow myself to get a little crazy with bags. My clothing is becoming more understated, so I want my bag to be a little louder. And as for the Yves Saint Laurent boots? Well, they’re badass, but not overly so. And like my bags, I like shoes to draw a little more attention! What would you wish for if you had a money tree in your backyard?

Annie xxx

Burberry coat

Versace black tote
$320 –

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