Luxury Wishlist

Luxury Wishlist

Luxury Wishlist by anniechristie featuring a burberry coat

I think the title speaks for itself here. Let’s just say…”I wanna be a billionaire so f***in’ bad”! I have always wanted a Burberry trench coat because not only are they really well-made, but they’re fashionable in a SIMPLE way, which is what I like in a coat. This particular coat, called the Ashington Trench, is only…er…$1,648 dollars. That’s all! Ha, that’s why this is the LUXURY wish list. Two key words: Luxury and wish. I also really like Versace bags because I allow myself to get a little crazy with bags. My clothing is becoming more understated, so I want my bag to be a little louder. And as for the Yves Saint Laurent boots? Well, they’re badass, but not overly so. And like my bags, I like shoes to draw a little more attention! What would you wish for if you had a money tree in your backyard?

Annie xxx

Burberry coat

Versace black tote

Indigo August

Crop tops are everywhere. I mean everywhere. Kylie Jenner, Taylor Swift, Jordin Sparks, Shay Mitchell and Nina Dobrev all sported summery (albeit completely different) versions of the cutoff shirt at the Teen Choice Awards last night. And the gorgeous Megan Fox looked badass in a black crop top and matching skirt at Comic Con 2014, showcasing a more dangerous take on the playful two-piece look.

Now that it’s August, and hotter than ever here in Southern California, I’m getting the urge to join the ever-growing trend of showing midriff, and I found an indigo top at Forever21 that I can’t stop wearing.

Indigo, to me, is the color of late summer. It’s the color of the hottest heat and the bluest sky, and it’s rich like the smell of wilting flowers in the late-afternoon sun. So I’ve deemed this August, “Indigo August”, and I’ve paired my indigo with the heat-friendly crop top to enjoy the rest of my summer comfortably! Next I’ll post some of my favorite cropped looks, and other trends I’m warming up to. Talk to you soon!

Annie xx